We understand the decision to place your loved one or yourself in care of another person is a complex one.  We have provided some worksheets on

our website as a resource.  We also encourage you to reach out to one of our communities for assistance as well.

Family researching options



Download this Senior Living Checklist to assist you.


What are the signs that a move to a senior living community might be a good option?

  • Mobility issues – difficulty with daily activities or frequent falls and other safety concerns
  • Memory loss – misplacing items or wandering away from home
  • Medication concerns – forgetting to take medications as prescribed
  • Lack of socialization – not interacting as usual; untidy surroundings and poor personal hygiene
  • Fear and depression – unwilling to seek medical help or assistance; withdrawal from others
  • Lack of appetite – not receiving proper nutrition throughout the day

If any of these signs are being experienced, the move to a senior living community may in fact be a very good option. Seniors often improve through socialization, regular diet and medication management.


Our goal is to make that process as comfortable as possible – for your loved one and you.

  • It will take you and your loved one time to adjust, but remember why you chose to make the move to a senior living community.
  • Give your relationship time to adjust. You are still an important part of your loved one’s life.
  • Take care of yourself. Allow time for physical exercise, rest and play. Nurture yourself.
  • Reconnect with friends; surround yourself with supportive people.

You will still be involved in medication and level of care concerns for your loved one.  You should remember that no one lights up your loved one’s life like you.  Visit often and cherish the moments.