• Trained caring professional staff 24/7home01_diningroom
    • All staff are oriented and trained at Silver Hills insuring a higher degree of responsibility and skill.
  • Bathing, grooming and dressing
    • Staff is there to help with all showers, grooming, and dressing without additional charges.
  • Incontinence care
    • Incontinence supplies are provided at no additional cost to you.
  • Medication management
  • Physician, pharmacy, home health and hospice oversight
    • The pharmacy checks for medication conflicts. Doctors and nurse practitioners visit regularly. Hospice is called when necessary.
  • Memory care for dementia patients
  • On-site physical, occupational and speech therapy,
    X-Rays, EKG’s, Labs

    • All these can be done at Silver Hills through home health or doctor’s orders.
  • Emergency response system
    • Different call systems are utilized to allow residents to call for help.
  • Socialization, activities, and spiritual services
    • Everyone is encouraged to participate in activities and group gatherings. Different churches come in regularly and hold services, singing, and serve communion.
  • Respite and Day Care available for temporary care
  • Meals, housekeeping, and daily care
    • Three meals a day and snacks. Housekeeping and laundry is done daily.
  • All three homes are equipped with security cameras to ensure safety and to provide peace of mind.
  • Hair can be cut or set in our barber shop.
  • The Montgomery County Library maintains a fresh supply of books in our library.
  • Decks surround the homes so residents can enjoy the outdoors and still feel safe.
  • With prior approval, Silver Hills accepts pets and scooters.

Assisted Living Home 1

In Home I we care for senior residents who have advanced memory care issues or high levels of physical disabilities. It is a locked home with a high staff to resident ratio

Assisted Living Home 2

Home II for senior residents personal care services has a decidely country atmosphere with cedar tables and leather furnishings. The peacock pen is just inches from the deck and the deer come up to the deck at feeding time. The favorite gathering place for all is the fire place.

Assisted Living Home 3

Elegant is the only word for Home III senior residents housing with marble columns and 11 foot ceilings. It’s an 11,000 square foot assisted living facility with a wide variety of amenities for the residents to enjoy.

Senior residents can walk indoors and feel like it’s outdoors by visits to the aviary or the fish aquarium — or actually sit outdoors on the covered deck and watch the wildlife. If they’re inclined to stay indoors for the day they can visit the barber shop to get a hair cut, go to the movies in the mini theatre, stop by the library to get a book, join a bingo game in the activity room or gather around the piano for some karaoke. It can also be as simple as some enjoyable quiet time in one of several sitting areas. The choices are numerous.

Silver Hills Assisted Living provides total care in a warm home-like environment for senior citizens as well as other adults needing care due to health issues. Residents live in one of three distinctly different homes with wrap around porches with covered patios located in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by exotic deer, peafowl, livestock, birds, dogs and fish.

Our respect for each resident’s individuality is an integral component to the care we provide. Each resident receives personalized services with our all-inclusive rates without add-on fees. Some residents have been with Silver Hills for over 10 years.

One consideration to keep in mind on costs of long-term care services is how hard it is on the elderly to move. When levels of service are used to determine monthly rates, as needs arise the cost will increase along with the level of service, possibly forcing the resident to move. A resident may not need all that is incorporated into our all-inclusive rates, but there is peace of mind knowing that should the need arise, there are no additional charges. And families can make long term financial plans

Come see for yourself why Silver Hills Assisted Living is the place so many families select to call home for their loved one.