I moved down here from Ft. Worth to be near my daughter and have lived here at Windchime for 3.5 years. In Ft. Worth, I lived at an independent living facility where I had to take complete care of myself. I had multiple falls and after knee surgery I hired someone to stay with me and help with my care.

When I moved to Windchime I had less falls and I am doing MUCH better. Windchime is a wonderful place to call home with congenial, caring staff. I enjoy bingo, going out to eat with our group every Thursday, the wine and cheese social’s, and the therapy dogs that come to visit us. There are also plenty of healthcare professionals, a nurse practitioner and Podiatrist’s that come here to help keep all of us well. What I enjoy the most is the church service that we have on Sunday mornings and Thursday nights.


It was 30 years ago that my wife and I bought our home in Kingsland, TX. After I retired about 20 years ago, we decided to move here full time. Before I entered college my father signed papers so that I could enter the Military. I entered into WWII, went to Texas A&M and then entered the Air Force Reserve. I was a Captain, fighter pilot and a POW during my time with the Military. Once I started having difficulty living on my own I decided to move to Windchime in October 2013. Once at Windchime my health and wellbeing improved significantly and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time here.

Todd G.

When we came to Windchime in June, 2012, I had internal bleeding and during our tests to determine what was causing it I was sent to the ER twice. I benefitted from the beginning due to the nursing care as well as the care of the staff while I waited to find out what was going on with my health. My daughter was available to help me with transportation, but Windchime offered their transportation whenever I needed it and they made sure everything was taken care of for me. I received therapy to help me with walking and before long we felt that I was in good enough health and could take care of my wife and myself on our own at home. We moved out of Windchime in July, 2013 and have done very well since. I enjoyed leading a Bible study while we were at Windchime and continue to lead it every Wednesday morning at Windchime.

Clayton and Nancy B.

I do not know what we would have done when Jim fell and broke his shoulder and I had pneumonia if we had not been living at Windchime Assisted Living. The care we have received has been wonderful. Joyce has made all the appointments with the doctors after our hospital stay, Victor has taken the Windchime van with Jim and his wheelchair to all of the doctor’s. Michelle saw that our medication was delivered and administered on time. When unable to go to the dining room our food was delivered to our room. Jason, our Executive Director made sure of our daily welfare. Thank God for Windchime Assisted Living.

– Maxine and Jim W.